Montag, 6. Juli 2009

TUTORIAL - Photo Compositing

For a certain scene in the movie I needed some photos of Johnny (Mike Möller) and Joe Hunter (Mathis Landwehr) together. The problem is that Mikey is living in the south of Germany and Mathis is living in Berlin and I needed the photos within a couple of days.

The solution was a compositing in Photoshop. So I asked Mikey to do some photos, but I made the big mistake to tell him, that he should do the photos together with a stand-in for Mathis. I did this, because I thought it would be easier for the photographer (Mikeys girlfriend - Anja) and for Mikey to create some good photos.

The problem was that I forgot to tell Mikey to do a clean plate, which is a photo with only the background and without people in it. That way it would have been piece of cake to replace Daniel with Mathis, but as I didn't had a clean plate it was everything but easy.

After I got Mikeys photos and I called Mathis and started doing some photos with him.

Now back home I tried to replace Daniel with Mathis, which didn't work at all. After some hours I made the decision that it would be best to simply take the photo of Mathis and compose it together with the photo of Mikeys, with that I mean that I do not only replace Daniel, but replace the whole background on the left side with the photo I took with Mathis.

The result was quite ok, but it had some perspective mistakes in it and it just had the feeling that something is not right. I started to copy the bricks from Mathis background into Mikeys photo and viseversa. Then I added a lot of dirt to Mathis background and all of a sudden the photo looked like it was shot at some real place.
As a little bonues I decided to give Mathis some nice long hairs (the hairs were taken from some different photo of Mikey and I painted in some blond hairs to match it to Mathis original hair).

This version was good enough as base for the final photo. It still had a lot mistakes in it and wouldn't work like it is, but as I still wanted to add a lot of grain, scratches etc. it was more then good enough for its purpose.

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