Montag, 6. Juli 2009

INFO - Go Johnny Go

We started filming in Nov 2008. For me one of the keyelements of a good PA movie is a very cold atmosphere .. empty streets, abandoned buidling, snow or rain.
In december and january Mikey didn't had time so I added a character, which is played by myself and I shot quite a lot scenes by myself, only equipped with my tripod.

The winter in Berlin ends most of the time in late february, with that all scenes with Mikey had to be done within this time periode otherwise we had to wait for about 11 months.

In january 2008 Quentin Tarantino shot his new movie INGLORIOUS BASTERDS in Berlin and Mikey and I were booked for some big stuntscene together with 120 other stuntmen.
And here started what changed the whole production of my movie. Mikey had to double some old guy who had a complete bald head:

With that we had a big problem, because Mikey didn't want to keep a baldhead for the next few months and it would need at least two months till his hair had the lenght it original has. After two months the winter would be over.

I made various concept, which most of the time had Mikey wearing different hats to cover his baldhead, which all didn't really work out.
One day a friend joked that I should use a wig. He was joking and I took it serious, he meant some wig which somehow shows Mikey as everybody knows him, I decided that he should look like some rocker from the 80ties.

I bought some wig and made a first test which was very convincing:

Mikey and I went to some 2nd hand store and bought some jeans veste for about 5 bucks. Etienne (Spengler) helped to finalize the outfit and gave us some cool "obituary" t-shirt.
With that Johnny, the rocker was created and we were able to shot some stuff in the wintertime.

The wig would have not worked without the bandana, because it is not some expenive movieprop, but a wig for 50 bucks and the part were the hairs are attached to the head looks quite cheap.
In the end it helped the movie a lot that we were forced to come up with this idea.

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