Montag, 6. Juli 2009

INFO - What happened so far:

Somewhen in 2007 while stitting at the harbor of Valletta (Malta) I had the idea to make my first 90min flick. Back then it was a typical summer comedy movie about two families who own two restaurants and fight versus some bad guys.

Within a few weeks I changed that idea to a post apocalyptic movie, which I would describe as a mix of JUDGE DREDD and MAD MAX .. the title would have been "Sector 7".

I was very happy about my "great" idea, but noone else was so the project got canceled, before it even started.

That time was kinda tough, because I already had an almost finished movie in my mind, which I was unable to do, because Mikey with whom I worked with for about 4 years didn't believe in it.

After a few weeks of self pity I decided to do another fightscene, this time with my long time friend Mathis (Landwehr), with whom I trained all the time, but never ever worked with on one of my shortfilms. The result was a shortclip called "STRAIGHT BLAST":

That clip was quite successful, with that I don't mean that a lot of people watched it, but I got positive responses from some very successful fight choreographers like JJ Perry and Kenji Tanigaki and I got a job on the upcoming german martial arts tv show called "LASKO".

After a few months I got back to my original idea of doing a funny summer movie and decided that it would be best to only shot the first 10minutes of it and convince producers that it is a good idea to invest into the next 80min.
I told Mikey about it and he was happy to be part of it.

In May 2008 Mikey and I made it to get a lot of stuntguys around us and we shot parts of quite a big actionscene, which was meant to be part of those "producers reel". Here is a little teaser of what we made back then:

The result amazed me, because it was a big, violent brawl, which somehow looked like taken out of some 80ties Hong Kong flick.

At the very same time I finally started working on "Lasko". I was naive enough to think that I would be able to shot my own project beside that. Which didn't work at all, because I was working around the clock for about 10months.

During the last few weeks of my time on "LASKO" I decided that doing only 10 minutes of a 90 minutes flick is not what I want and I also didn't want to do a funny summer movie. My first flick should be something dark, violent and post apocalyptic (PA), but of cause I knew that Mikey was against the PA flick I originally had in mind, that is why I changed everything he didn't like in the hope that I can convince him to be part of the project.

He liked the idea and we made the first testshots in November 2008. I wrote the screenplay in a way that we were still able to use the figthscene we shot in May 2008.

With that the production on my first feature film started. The main actors are Mike Möller and Mathis Landwehr.
If I had to describe it I would say its a mix of RUNNING MAN, BLADE RUNNER and BLOODSPORT with a bit of CYBORG and MAD MAX in it.
The movie is called "STRAIGHT BLAST".

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